Car Care

         Under hood checks
once a week or when refueling.

         Oil change
Every 3000 miles with oil filter

Once a week  Hand washing is best, but if you must use a car wash, find one that is brushless and relies on high pressure water or attendants that soap the car by hand.

Every 6 months with a good quality non-abrasive wax.  Once a year put some wax on the door jams and the underside of the trunk.  If you're ambitious, you could spend some time detailing the under-hood area, or have it done by a professional if you're not comfortable handling machinery.

         Align & Balance
Have car checked every 12,000 miles or the first time you notice unusual steering behavior or a vibration at highway speeds.

         Tire rotation
Every 6,000 miles following the manufacturers rotation recommendation.  If you have a matching spare, include it in the rotation

         Tune up
Follow manufacturer's recommendation.

Every two years.

         Timing belt
If your car has one, every 60,000 miles or follow manufacturer's recommendation if it is longer.

Follow manufacturer's recommendation.

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